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South China Sea Conflict: China Says US has No Right To Get Involved In The Dispute, Washington Thinks Otherwise

Continuous conflict in the South China sea (Photo: WJN)

The South China Sea conflict keeps both the US and China in high tension amid the ongoing conflicts in Gaza and Ukraine.

(Photo: mangaloretoday)

The US Stands With The Philippines In The Ongoing South China Sea Conflict

SOURCE– Amid the rising South China Sea conflict between Beijing and the Philippines, the carrier USS Ronald Reagan dropped anchor off Manila to send off a message that the US would stand behind the Philippines in any conflict that might occur in the South China Sea.

For the past few weeks, the continuous South China Sea conflict has escalated, especially over Manila’s efforts to resupply the wrecked US-made landing craft on the 2nd Thomas Shoal in the internationally recognized Philippines Exclusive Economic Zone, which is also being claimed by China as theirs.

On October 2, in the ongoing South China Sea conflict, Philippine officials accused a Chinese coastguard ship of ramming a Filipino coastguard ship and a supply boat near the reef. There have been multiple accidents between Chinese vessels and Philippine vessels in the controversial South China Sea.

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The United States Had No Right To Get Involved In Beijing And Philippines’ South China Sea Conflict, Say Chinese Officials

According to Reuters, following the ramming incident during the escalating South China Sea conflict, US President Joe Biden warned China that any attack on Filipino vessels, armed forces, or aircraft would trigger the 1951 Washington Mutual Defense Treaty.

The statement released by the US triggered Beijing. The Chinese officials said that the US had no right to be involved in the South China Sea conflict between them and the Philippines. In the ongoing South China Sea conflict, the Philippines strongly believes that they have the right to operate their ships in the area.

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