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South China Sea Conflict: How The Ongoing Conflict Plays Straight Into United States’ Hands

South China Sea Conflict (Photo: panaynews)

The escalating tension between Beijing and the Philippines caused by the continuous South China Sea conflict is most likely to be in favor of the United States, as summed up in a piece by the Global Times.

BRP Sierra Madre (Photo: theepochtimes)

The Growing Tension In The South China Sea Conflict

SOURCE– As the South China Sea conflict continues to escalate, the tension between the Philippines and Beijing is also escalating. On the 22nd of October, two separate collisions took place in Second Thomas Shoal, an underwater feature that is under the Philippines’ exclusive economic zone as ruled by the International Tribunal in 2016. A civilian vessel owned by the Philippines was rammed by one of China’s coast guard ships.

In this South China Sea conflict, a second collision occurred when China’s maritime militia collided with a stationary Philippine coast guard ship. There was no serious damage, but these were only some of the most dangerous encounters around the Second Thomas Shoal as the South China Sea conflict continues to intensify.

This South China Sea conflict highlights the tension between Beijing and the Philippines in the Second Thomas Shoal as a key feature of China’s foreign policy: Beijing’s refusal to acknowledge that other small states such as the Philippines have their own agency in disputes with Beijing.

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The South China Sea Conflict Plays Right Into Washington’s Hands

In a piece by the nationalist Global Times, the increasing tension in the South China Sea conflict is likely staged by the US themselves; the US staged the entire farce in the first place.

In regard to the South China Sea conflict, a statement made by a US official admitted that the Biden Administration’s progress to strengthen their relationship with other countries, such as the Philippines, is less a story of diplomatic acumen and more of a Chinese truculence. The United States’ Indo-Pacific policy may confront its greatest challenge the moment China changes its course and begins to treat regional actors as partners rather than irritants.

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