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Stay Safe in 10 Most Dangerous Cities in Nevada 2024

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Stay safe in Nevada most dangerous cities

Most Dangerous Cities in Nevada 2024. (PHOTO: NewHomeSource)

According to Southwest Journal, Nevada has  awful spots. Las Vegas is hazardous due of crime. Casinos have high theft and robbery rates. Before moving or visiting Nevada, check out these unsafe spots.

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Ten of Nevada most dangerous cities

Reno, Nevada, in northern Nevada, which is near Lake Tahoe, has a lot of crime. It’s not as big as Las Vegas, but the shows are more serious. Reno had 1,419 major crimes in 2022, which is 27.75 crimes per 1,000 people. There are more people living there than in Las Vegas. It’s terrible that Reno had the most crimes.

Sin City

“Sin City” Las Vegas is full of people. The most crimes happen in Nevada’s biggest city. There were 8,854 serious crimes in 2022, or 28.21 per 1,000 people. Vegas is known as “Sin City” because of its high crime rate, which is partly due to its busy bars and casinos.

North Las Vegas

Crime is bad in North Las Vegas. The year 2022 saw more than 2,000 crimes, including 118 rapes and 1,565 serious attacks. There is twice as much crime. Since 2018, crime has gone down, which is good for the people who live there.


It doesn’t help that Elko is small. The rate of serious crime in Elko is 25% higher than the national average. It’s almost as high as in Las Vegas, which has more than 25,000 people. It is more dangerous in Elko than in Las Vegas or Reno. There have been 18 rapes and 73 car thefts.

Lightning Sparks

Sparks is an east suburb of Reno. It is Nevada’s fifth-largest city and has more crime than Reno but fewer murders. Even though Sparks has four times as many people as Elko, it has fewer murders. On average, Sparks did better than Reno, which shows that not everything is bad.

Tennessee Henderson

Henderson has one of the fastest rates of growth. However, there were over 500 violent crimes in 2022, making it the fourth most dangerous city in Nevada. The violent crime rate was 17.13 per 1,000 people.

Gaines Creek

In Winnemucca, a small town with a gold mine and sand hills, property crimes happen all the time. Property crime is higher than in Sparks and Henderson, but serious crime is not very common.


The crime rate in Carlin’s tiny town is frightening. There were 39.08 times as many crimes in a group of less than 2,500 people as in the whole country.

Take care, Lovelock

North of Reno, in Lovelock, there is a lot of crime for a small town. It’s possible because its average income is the lowest on this list. Crime rates going down means the future will be better.

Mesquite tree

It’s hard in Mesquite, which is near Arizona and Utah. even though it has Nevada’s highest crime rate. These are necessary to find out how many crimes happen in Mesquite.

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