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Stay Safe in Chicago Most Dangerous Neighborhoods for 2024

Better Stay Safe in Chicago Most Dangerous Neighborhoods

Chicago Most Dangerous Neighborhoods. (PHOTO: Midwest Injury Lawyers)

According to Southwest Journal, there is a lot of crime in some parts of the big city of Chicago. There are 67% more crimes mostly theft and bloodshed. Guns are a big reason for this. People use pricey technology to keep their homes and families safe in the 10 most dangerous places. People often say that Chicago has a lively culture but some parts of the city are also dangerous. To feel better people are turning to modern technology.

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Chicago Most Dangerous Neighborhoods

Chatham changes

Chatham’s crime rate has gone down 14% and is now 83% lower than the national average. A test showed that most people felt good during the day but not so good at night. Robbery and burglary were among 7,183 incidents in 2020, but the community wants change.

South Side

The South Side of Chicago is home to 54,000 people and has beaches. 7.57 out of 100,000 people report high crime. It happens to 1 in 13 people. Robberies occur 2,454 times per 100,000. The neighborhood has 5,120 property crimes/100,000. However, neighbors cooperate to safeguard their neighborhood.

North Lawndale

North Lawndale has 198% more crime than normal on Chicago’s West Side. About 35,417 people live there, and 70% of 17-45-year-old men have criminal records, indicating serious issues. Despite these challenges, crime has dropped, showing community effort. Statistical analysis or community solution?


Riverdale, south of Chicago, had 7,682 crimes per 100,000 in 2021. The 1 in 39 violent crime rate alarms people. Other issues include 4,743 property crimes/100,000. Riverdale issues show community safety.

West Englewood

The 32,317 West Englewood inhabitants had 9,551 offenses per 100,000, double Chicago’s. The 2,773 per 100,000 violence rate is frightening. High property crime: 6,778/100,000 Cooperation despite safety concerns displays community.

Grand Crossing

Grand Crossing, South Side Chicago, 8,724 offenses/100,000. It harms 32,217 persons, 306% more than the national average. Violence is common—2,858/100,000. Property crimes: 5,866/100,000. Grand Crossing demands continual attentiveness, yet residents persevere.


Englewood, with 25,858 inhabitants, has 125% higher crime than Chicago. Increased gun violence, murders, and crime threaten safety. Despite its issues, the community wants to improve it.

East Garfield Park

With 20,100 inhabitants, East Garfield Park had 2,800 violent and 6,500 property crimes in 2022. Gun violence and gang activities scare people daily.


About 98,514 Austinites live in Chicago’s most dangerous areas. Violence is 701% more than the national average, making living tough. Despite these challenges, the community is battling crime and improving living circumstances.

Washington Park

Washington Park’s 11,871 people face crime. Locals fear a 701% violent surge. The average crime rate is 250% higher. The community improves the environment despite hurdles.

West Garfield Park

West Garfield Park on the South Side is Chicago’s worst. This region has 379% more violent crime than the city. 1/20 experience violent crime. Area safety concerns stress people psychologically and physically. Although trust and security are questioned, the community is resilient.

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Safety tips in travelling to Chicago most dangerous neighborhoods

Learn about the neighborhoods and safety issues where you’re going. Stay on busy well-lit streets especially at night and take the bus or train. Stay alert, keep your things safe, and don’t show off your valuables. Find directions on your phone and let someone know what you’re going to do. If you’re not sure about an are, ask neighbors or the cops for help in a polite way. Being careful and aware will help you enjoy Chicago safely.

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