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Stillwater Prison Crisis Resolved: Inmates Return to Cells Peacefully After Lockdown

Approximately 100 inmates at Stillwater Prison initially refused to return to their cells one Sunday morning, leading to an emergency lockdown starting at 8 a.m. (Photo: Google)

Around 100 inmates at Stillwater Prison initially declined to go back to their cells one Sunday morning, triggering an emergency lockdown commencing at 8 a.m.

The Minnesota Department of Corrections recently faced a crisis at Stillwater Prison, which has now been successfully resolved. (Photo: Google)

The Minnesota Department of Corrections recently confronted a critical situation at Stillwater Prison, but it has since been successfully resolved.

According to an article published by FOX 9, the Minnesota Department of Corrections recently faced a crisis at the Stillwater prison, which has now been resolved. Approximately 100 inmates initially refused to return to their cells on a Sunday morning at Stillwater prison, prompting an emergency lockdown that began at 8 a.m.

Fortunately, by 4 p.m. the same day, the situation was peacefully resolved, with all inmates back in their cells at Stillwater prison and no reported injuries, except for two guards in a secured area.

The inmates’ dissatisfaction arose from modified cell release schedules during the holiday weekend, according to the DOC, although activists claimed it was driven by a lack of access to clean water and extreme heat at Stillwater prison.

Inmates reported grim conditions, including being locked in their cells for months without air conditioning or proper facilities at Stillwater prison.

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Paul Schnell, Commissioner of the Department of Corrections, attributed the conditions to staffing shortages and aging facilities at Stillwater prison.

According to an article published by Yahoo News, the prison, built in 1914, faces significant challenges in maintaining humane conditions at Stillwater prison. Despite the resolution of the lockdown at Stillwater prison, the root issues remain unresolved.

The DOC plans to seek funding to upgrade cooling systems and increase staffing at Stillwater prison. In the meantime, inmate advocates urge the release of eligible individuals to reduce the prison population at Stillwater prison, a suggestion met with skepticism by the DOC.

The incident sheds light on chronic understaffing issues in the prison system, as highlighted by the AFSCME Council 5, a union representing corrections officers. With 1,202 inmates in a facility designed over a century ago at Stillwater prison, the challenges facing the Minnesota Department of Corrections are multifaceted and demand attention from lawmakers.

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