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Student Activist Zhang Jinrui’s Family Harassed By The Chinese Police

Zhang Jinrui during a past protest against China’s “zero COVID” policy, at Georgetown University (Photo: Gemunu Amarasinghe/RFA)

Family of the Chinese Student activist of Georgetown University was harassed by China’s Security Police for his pro-democracy activism in America.

A wall with posters at Georgetown University in Washington (Photo: Gemunu Amarasinghe/RFA)

Washington DC Student Activist Harassed For Pro-Democracy Activism

An international student at Washington DC’s Georgetown University was harassed by the Chinese Police for his pro-democracy activism in America. According to student activist Zhang Jinrui, his family in China was hauled by China’s state security police for questioning.

Student Activist Jinrui said that his family was visited by the state police and that his father, was questioned about Jinrui’s level of patriotism. The Chinese police also questioned the family about the student activist’s activities in the US.

From the reports of Radio Free Asia , Jinrui’s father was taken away by the Chinese police for a long time of questioning, asking things like “Does this child of yours take part in pro-democracy activities?” and “Do they love their country and the ruling of the Chinese communist party?” Student Activist Jinrui added that the China’s state security police advised his father to teach him (Jinrui) to love China and the Communist party and to stop him from taking part in pro-democracy activism activities.

Zhang’s experience comes amid increased concern over Beijing’s “long-arm” law enforcement targeting foreign activists and students who expected to have more freedom of expression and association while living or studying in a democratic country.


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Torch On The Potomac: A Safe Space For Every Student Activist

Investigative Journalism Reportika – student activist Zhang Jinrui said that on the evening of June 29, he received a message from his sister. Jinrui said that the Chinese police had called his sister, asking her if Jinrui had taken part in the Torch on the Potomac group. they told his sister that Jinrui was a key member of the group.

The Torch on the Potomac is a safe space for the dissident activities of every student activist by Chinese students. According to Jinrui, the group has yet to organize any activities. China’s state security police had also been harassing the families of Chinese students who had not participated in any activism at all.


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