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Supply Chain Analyst: A 100k Salary Job Perfect For Introverts

Supply Chain Analyst Job (Photo: ZipRecruiter)

Nick Park shared his job as a supply chain analyst who earns a $100,000 salary in a TikTok video, which garnered a total of 1.7 million views. Many netizens commented on how his work is perfect for introverts.

TikTok Discourse regarding job salaries (Photo:

Nick Park Described His Work As A Supply Chain Analyst On The Internet

SOURCE– Discourse regarding jobs is highly popular on TikTok. Different people from different countries share their experiences at work on TikTok, whether it be a rant about low wages or sharing the high salaries they earn in certain jobs.

As conversation regarding job salaries circulates on the popular social media platform, a TikTok user has gone viral for sharing his job as a supply chain analyst.

Nick Park, a supply chain analyst with a $100,000 salary, shared his day-to-day job on TikTok. His video talking about his work as a supply chain analyst went viral, gaining a total of 1.7 million views. In the video, Nick Park is shown sitting quietly in an office, clicking and typing on his computer.

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Supply Chain Analyst Is A Job Perfect For Introverts, Says Netizens

Nick Park summarized his job as a chain supply analyst as someone who spends time checking emails and makes plans and reports. Nick added that as a supply chain analyst, he is working independently, earning a $100,000 salary without having to talk.

A lot of netizens commented under his video, saying that his work as a supply chain analyst is perfect for introverts or that it is a dream job for introverts. Another user commented that even if the salary of the supply chain analyst was not $100,000, he would still do the job.

According to Glassdoor, a supply chain analyst is the point of contact for many large purchases made outside the firm for projects. They conduct market research and negotiate with corporate representatives to guarantee that the parent company receives the best price for good solids.

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