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Tax Credits, Incentives, and Rebates for Solar Energy Users in Texas (2024)

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Texas leads US solar energy with 17,247 megawatts. The state offers incentives to make solar energy adoption more affordable.

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Solar Savings: 2024 Texas Solar Tax Credits, Incentives, and Rebates

Texas does not offer a solar credit, but it exempts residential and commercial renewable energy installations from property taxes. This exemption covers 100% of your property tax value, including your solar power installation, providing a large annual tax benefit.

Utility companies and municipal governments offer solar incentives in different areas. Notable programs include:

Residential Solar Program: Oncor

Qualification: Oncor service area, including Dallas-Fort Worth.
Save up to $9,000 per solar PV installation.
Valid for 3–15 kW battery-powered household solar systems.
Time: Once
CenterPoint Energy Residential Solar program:

Area served by CenterPoint.
Save $225/kW or $0.08/kWh.
Approved contractors offer qualifications.
Time: Once
Texas AEP SMART Source Solar PV:

AEP Texas service area.
Save up to $3,000 per solar PV installation.
Qualified for 30 kW household solar systems.
Time: Once
Rebate and incentives from Austin Energy Solar PV:

Eligibility: Austin.
A solar PV system can save $2,500.
Qualifications: Home solar systems with at least 3 kW of installed capacity and solar course completion.
Time: Once

Texas Net Metering
Many retail electric suppliers and municipal power organizations, like Austin Energy, offer solar repurchase options in Texas, which lacks net metering. These schemes credit households for extra solar energy, lowering energy expenses.

Federal Solar Tax Credit
National incentive: the federal solar investment tax credit (ITC). A 30% tax credit for the system cost reduces homeowners’ upfront costs. Combining this credit with state and municipal incentives makes household solar systems more affordable.

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How Texas Residents Can Leverage Incentives for Affordable and Sustainable Energy in 2024

Texas has plentiful sunlight, thus a 6 kW house solar system can generate over 9,500 kWh per year, saving over $1,350 in utility expenses. The upfront cost can be decreased by the federal tax credit and state incentives, reducing the payback period to seven to eight years.

Understanding and using these solar subsidies can make solar energy affordable and sustainable for Texas citizens.

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