Texas AG Secures $168 Million Opi­oid Settlement with Walmart

The aim of the Opi­oid settlement is to address the claims made by the State of Texas and its Political Subdivisions against Walmart, keeping the company responsible for its practices that worsened the opioid epidemic not only in Texas but across the entire nation.

Key claims in the lawsuit were centered around Walmart’s marketing, selling, and dispensing practices related to opioids.

As part of the Opi­oid settlement terms, there are provisions for injunctive relief that specifically address the opioid marketing, selling, and dispensing practices, which were at the core of the allegations against the company.

In their commitment to addressing the opioid crisis and holding pharmaceutical companies accountable, the Office of the Attorney General of Texas has been diligently pursuing litigation against various entities.

This has resulted in significant settlements, aside from Opi­oid settlement securing over $2.91 billion from companies like Allergan, CVS, Walgreens, Mallinckrodt, Teva, Endo, Johnson & Johnson, Amerisource Bergen, Cardinal Health, McKesson, and McKinsey.

These funds are intended to provide relief and support to the affected citizens of Texas.

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Local Areas Encouraged to Enroll for Opi­oid Settlement Funding

The Opi­oid settlement is not limited to the State of Texas alone.

Affected Political Subdivisions in Texas, including local governments and county governments involved in the Texas Opioids Multidistrict Litigation, are encouraged to participate in the Opi­oid settlement.

By doing so, these Subdivisions ensure that Texas citizens and entities receive the full benefits and opioid remediation funds that are owed to them.

For Political Subdivisions in Texas that have not yet signed on to the Opi­oid settlement, there is still time to do so.

In a press release, the Office of the Attorney General informed everyone that their website provides more information about the settlement and the process of joining.

Subdivisions that become part of the Opi­oid settlement will have access to direct payments and grant funding in the form of opioid abatement from the Texas Opioid Council.

However, it is essential for all Texas Political Subdivisions to act promptly as the deadline for signing onto the Opi­oid settlement and availing its benefits is set for July 31.

The OAG’s efforts in Opi­oid settlement underscore the importance of holding companies responsible for their role in the opioid crisis, with the ultimate goal of alleviating the immense suffering, addiction, and loss of life experienced by communities across the nation.

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