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Texas Border Patrol: ‘God’s Army’ Vows 700,000 Trucks, Falls Short by 699,950

Texas Border Patrol (Photo from News Nation)

A group claiming to gather “God’s army” of over 700,000 trucks at the Texas Border Patrol to fight illegal immigration in US-Mexico borders only brought a few dozen trucks to Florida and Virginia.

Texas Border Patrol (Photo from Daily Kros)

Failed ‘Take Our Border Back’ Convoy: Texas Border Patrol

As part of “Take Our Border Back,” internet organizers sought to rally trucks from the U.S. and Canada to fight an illegal invasion in the Texas Border Patrol. The convoy was essentially a myth, with participants blaming low turnout on FBI sting operations and disarray.

Skepticism greeted the idea of building hundreds of thousands of trucks in the Texas Border Patrol. It seemed impossible to manage such a large fleet with just 4.06 million semis in service in America. Right-wing media and financial initiatives failed to increase convoy participation, underscoring the discrepancy between organizers’ lofty pledges and reality.

Previous attempts to organize large-scale trucker rallies, such as the 2022 “People’s Convoy” in Washington, D.C., failed, raising doubt on their feasibility. While organizers raised large cash, their inability to deliver on their pledges highlights the difficulties of turning internet enthusiasm into real-world action, especially in highly contested political situations.

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Texas Border Patrol: Inner Turmoil and Skepticism Derail

Inner turmoil and outside skepticism have hampered the convoy’s performance. Potential participants are wary of the group due to FBI “honeypot” rumors and credibility problems. Some of the convoy’s shifting goals, such as bypassing the border issue between Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and the Texas Border Patrol, have raised questions about its cohesion and effectiveness.

Despite good spins on social media networks like Telegram, where the convoy’s popularity has risen, the truth is otherwise. With a fraction of the expected cars and no apparent direction, the convoy appeared to be failing to gather traction and achieve its aims for the Texas Border Patrol. As it focuses on a 71-person Texas community, the gap between aspirations and capabilities grows.

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