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Texas Gas Prices Still Increasing. Check Out Ways To Save Fuel!

Texas Gas Prices Still Increasing. Check Out Ways To Save Fuel! Photo From: Kera News

Texas who once belong to the States with cheapest gas prices how facing state wide gas price hike. Last week, the State average was around $3.39 for a gallon of unleaded fuel. A total of 41 cents increase from prior week’s data was recorded. According to experts, gas price increase will still be observed in the upcoming weeks.


Texas gas prices Still Increasing. Check out Ways to save Fuel!
Photo From: Ai Medica

Texas Gas Prices Still Increasing

American Automobile Association or AAA from Texas had noticed an increasing trend for the prices of crude oil which started during the summer season. According to a report from CBS, the increase can be attributed to the increased in the demand for fuel which led to the decrease of the supply.

AAA also added that this week’s price jump was the largest since January. They had mentioned that the heat waves during the summer season had also affected the Texas gas prices. With the excessive heat, gas refineries had minimized their production output.

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How can you save amidst Texas gas prices increase?

AAA had laid out suggestions to help Texans save money on Fuel, below are some of the things that may help:

  1. Make sure that fuels used for vehicles are required, not just recommended if using premium unleaded fuel. Vehicles who were recommended with premium fuels are also compatible with the regular ones, giving more savings.
  2. Tires should be regularly checked. IT should have the correct pressure and inflated correctly.
  3. Make sure to drive the speed limit. The faster the speed, the faster burning of gasoline decreasing fuel economy.
  4. Remove heavy items that are no very much needed.
  5. Download the AAA App to check out the gas prices and find best spot to refuel.
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