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Texas Kids Are Prepared Insufficient For life Beyond High School, According To A Report

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Only 22% of eighth graders in Texas receive a degree or certification within six years of graduating from high school, according to a recent analysis by the George W. Bush Institute and the Texas 2036 group.

“I must admit, it shocked me. Anne Wicks, one of the authors of “The State of Readiness: Are Texas students prepared for life after high school?” commented, “I mean, I do this work and it shocked me.”

Prepared For Employment

Wicks responded when asked why it was occurring, “We think it’s just kids getting off track.” Currently, only approximately 48% of students read at grade level, while about 60% of students are proficient in arithmetic.

According to the survey, 70% of occupations in Texas will need a post-secondary certificate by 2036, when the state reaches 200, such as a college degree or a trade certification. However, compared to native Texans in the workforce, those relocating to Texas possess nearly twice as many bachelor’s degrees.

When you consider that, it implies that those who migrate here are well educated and prepared for employment, she added. They could be moving here seeking employment, therefore we need to be careful not to overlook the young Texans who make up our own homegrown workforce.

Enhancing Exam Quality


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According to Wicks, maintaining the Texas economic boom would require schools to keep assessing student learning, such as through the STAAR exam, the state’s assessment test that has received harsh criticism from certain quarters.

Because of President George W. Bush’s actions while in office, she noted, “it is a federal law that we actually have a state summit of assessment like this.” “I kind of giggle whenever I hear a politician promise to do away with it because they can’t. The second point is that I respond positively when people remark, “Oh, they’re teaching to the test,” since the test is based on Texas standards.

The study also acknowledges the legislature’s efforts to enhance the STAAR exam. Establishing a more rigorous approach to college and job preparedness is another suggestion. Wicks stated, “Help people access focused education.” They require that since it puts them in high demand.

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