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Texas: One Of The Most-Hardest-Working State In America

Texas: One Of The Most-Hardest-Working State In America Photo From: Deposit Photos

Do you belong in most-hardest-working state in America? A study conducted had revealed the most-hardest-working state in America including Texas, the Lone Star State. Find out how Texas became part of the top 10!


Texas: One Of The Most-Hardest-Working State In America
Photo From: Time Sheets Journal

Most-Hardest-Working State In America

A research carried out by a personal finance website WalletHub was entitled ‘2023’s Hardest-Working States in America’. The study aims to identify the states where people were most concerned with their jobs.

As mentioned in Local Profile, direct and indirect work variables were the focus of WalletHub’s analysis. Numerous pertinent key criteria were used to rank each category, including the employment rate, the percentage of families without an adult working, the number of people holding multiple occupations, and others.

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Most-Hardest-Working State In America: Texas in Top 6

In a report, Fox News confirmed that Texas bagged the sixth place among the most-hardest-working state in America.

Texas achieved a sixth-place finish by placing fourth in the direct work factors and forty-first in the indirect work factors. Texas residents spend a lot of time working, as the survey found that the Lone Star State had the second-highest average workweek hours.

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