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Texas Police Chase Deaths At High Speeds Are Increasing; A New Analysis Suggests Cutting Back On These Encounters

Florida Man Arrested For Over Speeding: Driver “Felt Like He Was In Grand Theft Auto,” As He Leads Deputy On Chase At 120 Mph Photo From: Los Angeles Times

There is a push for police agencies across to reconsider their pursuit procedures in light of the rising death toll from high-speed police chases.

According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the number of individuals killed in crashes involving police chases in Texas each year has been rising. In 2021, there were 72 deaths, more than twice as many as there were in 2011, when there were only 34 deaths.

All Around The Nation, This Is A Trend

Federal accident data indicates that around 350 individuals are killed in police pursuits in the US on average each year.

Craig was killed in a car accident that occurred in July as Fort Worth police were pursuing a reported stolen vehicle.

“We are not discussing a suspect who was breaking the law. “We are discussing an innocent individual who was going about their daily activities when he was killed,” Nefertari Mundy, Craig’s sister, stated.

The Fort Worth Police Department has been contacted by Craig’s family in an attempt to find out more information, including if the officers adhered to the department’s chase rules.

According to Fort Worth police data, since 2018, 51% of the times an officer has been involved in a pursuit, it has been due to a felony charge, 20% have resulted from a suspect fleeing a traffic stop, and 24% have had the reason listed as “other.”

Texas Police


According to police officers, “other” frequently denotes circumstances in which a supervisor has concluded that there is a risk to the public.

Police Chart For Fort Worth

According to police records, 96% of the times a Dallas police officer chased a vehicle over the previous five years, it was because the suspect had a gun or had committed a criminal.

This is consistent with the Dallas police chase policy, which is available for reading online.

According to a federal government-released research from the Police Executive Research Forum in September, law enforcement agencies should only begin a pursuit if there has been a violent crime and the suspect poses an immediate threat.

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