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Texas Supreme Court Has Put On Hold A Judge’s Ruling That Granted A Pregnant Woman With Fatally Ill Fetus Permission To Have An Abortion

Abortion Protests (Photo: aclu-md)

A Texas judge gave permission to a pregnant woman, whose baby is in a fatal condition, to have an abortion despite Texas’ abortion ban. However, the Texas Supreme Court, the state’s highest court, put the decision on hold and gave no timetable on when it might rule.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (Photo: hardwoodparoxysm)

Texas Supreme Court Halts Judge’s Decision

SOURCE– The Texas Supreme Court paused a Texas judge’s decision that would allow Katy Cox to terminate a pregnancy in which her fetus has a fatal condition. The judge’s order, which the Texas Supreme Court halted, was issued just days ago and blocked the state from enforcing its abortion ban in the case of the pregnant woman, Katy Cox. The justices said that they intend to consider Attorney General Paxton’s petition to reverse the Travis County Court’s decision.

Molly Duane, the attorney for Katy Cox, said that the Texas Supreme Court temporarily halting the judge’s rule is keeping Cox from accessing urgently needed medical care.

In an interview, Katy Cox said that she was hopeful that the decision of the Texas Supreme Court would be in her favor, but that her family will be devastated and will be grieving their unborn child regardless.

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Texas Supreme Court Did Not Provide Any Timetable On When It Might Rule

According to ABC News, it is in the hands of the Texas Supreme Court whether Katy Cox can legally receive an abortion despite the abortion ban in the state. If the Texas Supreme Court considers her case, then she can legally have an abortion without facing consequences. The Texas Supreme Court, consisting of nine Republican judges, did not provide any timetable on when it might rule.

Katy Cox’s lawsuit is believed to be the first since Roe v. Wade was overturned in 2022, asking a court for approval to get an abortion. A pregnant Kentucky woman has since filed the same challenge. The Center of Reproductive Rights that represents Katy Cox, posted on X (formerly known as Twitter) that the life of their client is on the line and that the State of Texas is playing a despicable political game.

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