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Texas Supreme Court Temporarily Overturns Decision Granting An Abortion To A Dallas Lady

Suburban Boston Triple Homicide Case: Judge Rules Defendant Unfit for Trial, Next Court Date Set (Photo: Maritime Executive)
Suburban Boston Triple Homicide Case: Judge Rules Defendant Unfit for Trial, Next Court Date Set (Photo: Maritime Executive)

A lower court decision that would have permitted Dallas woman Kate Cox, who was experiencing serious pregnancy difficulties, to have an abortion in order to save her health and future fertility, has been temporarily overturned by the Texas Supreme Court. The Center for Reproductive Rights reports that the court stated it will comment on the issue and postponed the lower court’s decision until it had more time to review the case.

What Happened?

After a state court found in favor of Cox on December 7, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton requested that the ruling be promptly blocked by the Texas Supreme Court in order to prevent Cox from getting an abortion. Additionally, Paxton sent a letter threatening to sue any physician.

He has requested that the highest court in the state prevent Dallas resident Kate Cox, 31, from ending her pregnancy, which is currently in its 20th week. On Thursday, a Travis County court issued a temporary restraining order enabling Cox to undergo the operation.

Her nonviable pregnancy, according to her and her attorneys, is endangering both her own life and her future capacity to conceive.

Whether Cox’s case qualifies for the state’s medical exception to have an abortion is a point of contention between her attorneys and the Attorney General’s Office.

Pregnant Women Continue To Suffer

Supreme Court

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“We received the letter sent by the Attorney General to Houston hospitals and are monitoring this complex and rapidly evolving legal case,” stated The Woman’s Hospital of Texas, one of the hospitals that received Paxton’s letter. The statement was provided to CBS News Texas. Our patients and the community we serve continue to be our top priorities.”

The Center for Reproductive Rights, which is Cox’s and her doctor’s legal representative, responded on Friday by accusing Paxton of inciting fear. “…He is trying to bulldoze the legal system to make sure Kate and pregnant women like her continue to suffer.”

“To be really sure and really minimize your risk, you just need to leave Texas,” Coale said if Cox were his client.

The Supreme Court heard a case last week that was similar but more extensive. In it, twenty women sued the state of Texas, arguing that the statutes are ambiguous about medical exclusions for complex pregnancies.

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