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The Family Of A Black Teenager Who Was Suspended From School In Texas Due To His Hairdo Has Filed A Lawsuit

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A federal civil rights complaint was filed on Saturday by the family of a Black high school student in Texas who was expelled because of his dreadlocks. The lawsuit claims that the governor and attorney general of the state were negligent in their enforcement of a new legislation that prohibits discrimination based on hairstyles.

What Happened?

Since August 31st, Darryl George, a 17-year-old student at Barbers Hill High School in Mont Belvieu, has been on an in-school suspension.

His dreadlocks, according to officials of the school in the Houston region, are out of line with the district’s dress code since they extend below his brow and ear lobes.

Darresha George, George’s mother, and the family’s lawyer dispute that the teen’s haircut is inappropriate given the dress code, claiming that it is neatly knotted in twisted dreadlocks.

According to Allie Booker, the family’s lawyer, George “should be allowed to wear his hair in the manner in which he wears it… because the so-called neutral grooming policy has no close association with learning or safety and when applied, disproportionately impacts Black males.”

It’s time to battle it out at Barbers Hill ISD. In a statement released on Saturday, Candice Matthews, national minister of politics for the New Black Panther Nation and a representative for George’s family, said, “We’re going to drop the hammer of accountability in the face of racism.

The most recent legal action pertaining to the suspension was the lawsuit, which George’s mother filed in federal court in Houston.

A Complaint Was Received

Black teenager

Source: ABC news

The Texas Education Agency received a written complaint from Darresha George and her lawyer on Tuesday, stating that Darryl George has been subjected to harassment and unfair treatment by school district employees because of his hair and that his in-school suspension violates the CROWN Act.

The CROWN Act, which stands for “Create a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair,” forbids employers and educational institutions from penalising people for their hair texture or protective hairstyles like Afros, braids, dreadlocks, twists, or Bantu knots. It also prohibits racial hair discrimination.

“The Texas CROWN Act was passed to prevent situations like this, and it is very disappointing to see Barbers Hill ISD attempt to find loopholes to skirt the law and perpetuate hair discrimination,” Bowers stated in a statement. The attire rule caused a previous argument between George’s school and two other Black male students.

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