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The Footage Of The Viral Woman Lisa Climbing Through The Window Has Split The Internet

Social Media Platforms (Photo: Telegraph)

Following a mishap in front of her window, a video featuring a woman identified as Lisa Rowland went viral. The moment when Lisa became caught upside down in her window frame while attempting to climb through after locking herself out is captured in the film, which has been viewed over 20 million times online.

What Happened?

The video, which was first posted seven months ago, attracted even more attention after Lisa recounted the behind-the-scenes tale on ITV’s This Morning.Lisa described the incident as happening when she realized she had left her keys inside after returning home early after a grocery shop and realized she really needed to use the restroom.The incident started when she tried to enter through an open window downstairs, but it became hilarious when she got caught and exposed herself.

When internet users saw the woman’s video, they immediately commented that it might be the “funniest video ever on Facebook.”

Fans Reaction Is Hilarious


Source: sportskeeda

In response to the woman’s viral video, some social media users commented that it made them laugh so hard, while other people commented that it made them happy.Lisa seemed to be handling everything with grace, despite the fact that responses to the woman’s video range from laughing to outright insults.

Lisa was joined on This Morning by her sister, who was also a part of the incident, who added further background to the humorous occurrence. While Lisa fought to climb through the window, dangling upside down in a strapless black dress, the sister revealed how her clothing malfunctioned.

Ultimately, Lisa accepted her unanticipated celebrity, finding comedy in the circumstance and making millions of people laugh all over the world.

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