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The Full List of 15 Dangerous Cleveland Neighborhoods

Cleveland Neighborhoods to Avoid. (PHOTO: google)

How to Get Around Cleveland’s Most Dangerous Areas in 2022.

Cleveland, Ohio, home of LeBron James, has dangerous neighborhoods and basketball greatness. When contemplating Saint Claire-Superior, North Broadway, or The Stockyards, safety comes first. Contrary to ‘The Drew Carey Show,’ Cleveland still battles with civic unrest, high murder rates, and white-collar crime. FBI figures show Industrial Valley, North Broadway, Kinsmith, The Stockyard, and Central as the most hazardous areas, with crime rates 41–60% higher than the Ohio average. Woodland Hills, Fairfax, and Union Miles Park are also avoidable. Navigation in Cleveland becomes ‘hit or miss’, underscoring the need to stay in safer city areas. This guide illuminates the worst areas and why avoiding them is crucial.”

Cleveland Neighborhoods to Avoid. (PHOTO: google)

1. Industrial Valley

With 1,068 people living there, Industrial Valley is one of the most dangerous places in Cleveland. In 2020, it kept track of 9,164 crimes, including 2,651 serious crimes and 6,513 property crimes. The area is known for crimes like robbery, fires, and car theft. The neighborhood’s bad schools and 11% jobless rate before COVID made economic problems worse. Even though the average home in Industrial Valley is worth $10,000, personal safety costs a lot, which reminds people of how hard things are for them.

2. North Broadway

One of the most dangerous places in Cleveland is North Broadway in the city center. Five times more serious crimes happen in this area than in most American neighborhoods, with 5,296 people living there. The FBI counted 8,530 crimes in 2020, with 2,468 violent crimes and 6,063 property crimes per person. People are at risk because of the high crime rate in the area.

3. Kinsmith

Kinsmith is one of the poorest areas of Cleveland, and the economy there is bad. A big crime is likely to happen 1 in 11 times for residents, and the school system is failing. In Kinsmith’s list of 8,243 2020 crimes, property crimes were more common than dangerous crimes. Many people don’t choose the neighborhood because of these problems.

4. The Stockyards

The Stockyards in Cleveland used to be a union supply center. It has an industrial feel, but the crime rate is still very high in Cleveland. Even though it has private areas, cops are still cautious because it’s a known spot for gang activity. With a population of 7,306, the Stockyards had 8,055 crimes in 2020, such as murder, rape, assault, property theft, and car theft. People are told to take safety precautions in the area, which has 2,330 serious crimes and 5,725 property crimes per person.

5. Central

Even during the day, central downtown Cleveland is like a battle zone—you can’t go there. Due to high crime rates, visitors should lock their doors. In 2020, Central had 8,103 crimes, with 2,344 serious crimes and 5,759 property crimes per person. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, one-fourth of the people in the neighborhood were unemployed, which made it a high-risk area of Cleveland.

6. Woodland Hills

There are about 2.5 times as many crimes in Woodland Hills, Cleveland, as there are in the rest of the country. There are also 475% more serious crimes than in the average American area. Every year, one in twelve people here is a victim of a crime. Even though the typical house price in the area was only $29,000, there was 16% unemployment before COVID-19. In 2020, there were 8,013 crimes in Woodland Hills. Of these, 2,318 were serious crimes, and 5,695 were property crimes. These crimes affected 7,509 people.

7. Fairfax

In Cleveland, the word “Fairfax” doesn’t make people think of fancy places. Instead, it has to deal with cities that are falling apart, homes that are empty, drug use, and high unemployment. Because of its high crime rate and low standard of living, this area is often ranked as one of the worst in Cleveland. In 2020, Fairfax had 7,995 crimes, such as murder, attack, rape, car theft, and break-ins. With 4,530 people, the corrected crime rate is 8,870 per 100,000. There were 2,313 serious crimes and 5,682 property crimes.

8. Union Miles Park

The beautiful and wealthy areas of Cleveland are very different from Union Miles Park. There is a lot of poverty, bad schools, and high unemployment in this area. There are a lot of property crimes, like theft and scams, and dangerous crimes, like attacks and killings. In 2020, there were 7,693 crimes in a city with 9,750 people. There were 2,225 serious crimes and 5,467 property crimes.

9. Saint Claire-Superior

Even though Saint Claire-Superior is small, it has a lot of problems because of high crime and gang activity. There are always safety risks because the serious crime rate is about four and a half times the national average. With an unacceptably low family income of $21,000 and a jobless rate of 13.1% before COVID, the area has a lot of problems with hopelessness and crime. In 2020, there were 7,386 crimes in this city of 5,828 people, including 2,136 serious crimes and 5,249 property crimes.

10. East Cleveland

The crime rate in East Cleveland is a bit higher than the national average. It is in the 39th percentile for safety in the Cleveland urban area. In 2020, there were 2,741 crimes in the neighborhood of 17,413 people. There were 571 serious crimes and 2,170 property crimes. People in the area are worried about the crime rate, which may hit 1 in 19 in some areas, even though these numbers are low.

11. Clark Fulton

Even though Clark Fulton is becoming more expensive, it still has a higher crime rate than many other Cleveland areas. In 2020, there were 7,195 crimes in the neighborhood of 10,461 people. 2,081 of these were dangerous crimes, and 5,114 were other types of crimes. Even though the area is becoming more expensive and has four times the national average of serious crime, people are working to make it safer.

12. Hough

Even though Hough is a wealthy neighborhood on the east side of Cleveland, it has to deal with crime. Rich people used to live in Mough, but after World War I, the town went downhill, which led to more crime. In 2020, Hough kept track of 6,344 crimes, such as murder, attack, rape, car theft, burglary, and damage to property. With 12,978 people living in the area, it has to deal with 1,835 serious crimes and 4,509 property crimes.

13. Wade Park

There is a lot of crime in Wade Park in University Circle, which is where the Cleveland Museum of Art is located. Even though Wade Park is beautiful and has a lot of history, it had 2,582 violent and property crimes in 2020. With 747 serious crimes and 1,835 property crimes, the community of 7,940 people finds it hard to keep everyone safe, despite their different cultural backgrounds.

14. Little Italy

The area around Woodland Avenue and Central Market in Cleveland called “Little Italy” used to be a lively Italian and Sicilian neighborhood, but now it has a lot of property crime. After World War II, the area got worse. In 2020, 8,578 crimes were reported there, including murder and theft. There were more property crimes (7,650) than serious crimes (928). “Big Italy” has 22,899 people and is having trouble with crime and urban development.”

15. Flats

The famous Flats area of Cleveland used to be a lively entertainment area with lots of clubs. Now, it has problems with rising crime. In 2020, there were 2,423 crimes in the area, ranging from murder to car theft. There were 701 violent crimes and 1,722 property crimes per person in the area, which is a big increase. Many local businesses shut down in the early 2000s because of safety worries, which made the neighborhood’s nighttime scene less lively. The Flats’ new task is to change its image and fight crime.

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