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The Governor’s School Choice Measure Is Unlikely To Pass This Special Session, According To Republicans In The Texas House

Texas (Photo: usgreencardoffice)

The last day of the extraordinary session is November 7, and as of yet, there has been no progress on measures that would have allowed pupils to attend private schools with taxpayer-financed education savings accounts.

Republicans Are Under Pressure

In the House, where several rural Republicans have previously sided with Democrats to obstruct similar legislation, Republicans are under pressure.

According to CBS News Texas, Republican state representative David Spiller of Jacksboro expressed doubts about the Texas House’s ability to approve the governor’s flagship school choice legislation.

The one House bill that has been submitted would increase state financing for public schools and provide teachers raises in addition to helping families afford private education.

However, Governor Abbott has not put funding for school districts and teacher pay increases on the agenda for this third extraordinary session.

SB 1, the legislation that was passed by the Senate a few weeks ago, is very different and has not been assigned to a House committee for consideration.That bill cannot be referred until and until the governor modifies that call.

Republican state representative Matt Shaheen of Plano told CBS News Texas that while he agrees that it’s becoming more and more unlikely that the bill will pass, he still supports school choice. “The chances of this taking another special session are likely.”

Rift In The Chamber

This week, three border security laws were approved by the House in the Texas Capitol, but not before a proposal by Representative Cody Harris (R-Anderson) to restrict the amount of amendments and debate on one of the measures caused a rift in the chamber.


Source: CNN

Representative Armando Walle (D-Houston) attacked Representative Harris for submitting his motion in a video that Representative Ana Maria Ramos (D-Dallas) shot and shared on X. It annoys me greatly. It directly harms us. It damages our neighborhood.”

After allowing for additional discussion, lawmakers enacted HB 4, which makes it a state criminal for a migrant to enter Texas without authorization.

The Senate will now consider the bill. Additionally, SB 4, which tightens regulations on illicit stash houses, was adopted by the House. This is headed to the governor’s office having already been approved by the Senate.

Additionally, HB 6, which allocates $1.5 billion to enlarge the state’s border wall, received approval from the House. The Senate will also consider it.

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