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The Latest Strategy By Dallas ISD To Broaden Access To High-Speed Internet

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If you have it, it can be simple to take it for granted. But many children still lack access to high-speed internet, a crucial educational tool.

Plans to expand student access to the internet precede COVID-19, according to Dallas ISD’s Chief Technology Officer Sean Brinkman, but the epidemic hastened those efforts. Even though students are finally returning to in-person instruction, things haven’t slowed down.

Computers With Hot spot

After school, when the kids go home, there is conflict, according to Brinkman. We are aware that learning and instruction don’t stop when the school day does.

Of the 140,000 pupils in Dallas ISD, according to Brinkman, 20% lack access to high-speed internet. Over the past few years, efforts to reduce that number have changed. Additionally, the district is doing something new this year. Giving out computers with hotspots is being phased out.

According to Brinkman, several areas of our town lacked enough connectivity. You also had two gadgets. 15 000 computers with eSIM cards, or digital SIM cards, have been purchased by Dallas ISD. These enable the laptop to function without a hotspot and can be paired with any service provider.

Providing Laptops


Source: ABC News

One of these gadgets will immediately establish a connection to the Dallas ISD network when it is on a Dallas ISD campus. However, the eSIM card gives the laptop access to mobile data when WiFi isn’t accessible. It effectively transforms these into a big cell phone, according to Brinkman.

The Frederick Douglass Elementary School pupils will receive the laptops first. The school’s broadband infrastructure was also recently improved by the district.

“That is how we will handle this. Determine the student’s areas of greatest need,” Brinkman said. We’ll start there, and then we’ll move through the remainder of the district as quickly as we can.

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