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The Prosecutor Says A Criminal Investigation Of The Police Acts During The Uvalde School Shooting Will Last Until 2024

Circleville Police Department Officer Terminated For Releasing K-9 Police Dog To A Suspect Who Had His Hands Up Photo From: NBC News

A prosecutor in Texas has stated that a criminal inquiry of the actions of the police during the school shooting in Uvalde will last into 2024. This news has delayed the anticipated grand jury meeting for the end of the year.

What Happened?

Christina Mitchell, the district attorney for Uvalde County, stated earlier this week that her staff is still looking into the disorganized and sluggish police reaction to the incident in May 2022 that claimed the lives of 19 pupils and 2 teachers. Mitchell was previously informed by investigators that this year, prosecutors will bring evidence connected to the massacre to a grand jury. Investigators sent Mitchell their preliminary findings in January.

A cloud of potential criminal charges has hovered over Uvalde since state lawmakers accused law enforcement at all levels of failing “to prioritize saving innocent lives over their own safety.”

These charges could be brought against some of the nearly 400 officers who raced to Robb Elementary School but waited more than an hour to confront and kill the shooter. The 15,000-person community has become divided over the matter, and some victims’ families are growing more irate with the district attorney as the criminal investigation’s timeline gets longer.

Public Safety

Uvalde School

Source: ABC News

The cops who gathered outside the school and stood in the hallways while the gunman was audibly firing an AR-15-style rifle in a classroom have drawn a lot of criticism after the shooting. Pete Arredondo, the chief of police at Uvalde’s school and the on-site commander during the attack, is among the five policemen who have lost their jobs, along with two other officers from the Department of Public Safety.

Prolonged legal battles over the disclosure of documents that could provide a more complete picture of the attack and police response are also expected to be caused by the ongoing inquiry.

A man who had been mayor more than ten years prior was chosen by the residents in November during the first mayoral contest following the tragedy, defeating a mother who had spearheaded efforts for stricter gun control legislation after her daughter was murdered in the incident.

Duran, fifty-two, celebrated her sister’s 50th birthday this month. She no longer hopes that the authorities who she believes are protecting her sister and the police who failed to protect her will face punishment on Earth.

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