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The Shadows: Xi Jinping’s Government Pursues Banned Nvidia Chips Despite US Export Restrictions, Reveals Report

Photo from CNN

As reported by Benzinga Neuro on January 14, 2024, Xi Jinping’s military government and Chinese institutions including state-run AI firms and colleges, have obtained Nvidia chips against U.S. export restrictions. Washington struggled to cut China’s access to advanced U.S. semiconductors because of the anonymous Chinese firms engaged.

Photo from CNN

Nvidia Chip Black Market Thrives in China Despite Export Bans

The A100 and H100, which were banned from shipment to China and Hong Kong in September 2022, and the A800 and H800, banned in October, were purchased and received by several Chinese bodies throughout the past year. Chinese enterprises have few alternatives to Nvidia processors, despite Huawei Technologies and other companies’ efforts to build alternatives.

TOP institutions and businesses subject to U.S. export restrictions, like Harbin Institute of Technology and University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, have bought. Continued Nvidia chip purchases by institutions accused of military participation against U.S. interests.

Because merchants get surplus stock from huge U.S. shipments or imports through India, Taiwan, and Singapore, China has an underground market for Nvidia chips. Responding, Nvidia said it followed all export control requirements and required customers to do the same. If customers sold to third parties illegally, the corporation promised rapid action.

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Tech Giant Navigates Global Complexities with a Vietnamese Expansion

The illegal market for Nvidia chips in China is significant due to their high demand. For compliance with the U.S. export prohibition, Nvidia has been selling weaker chips only in China. Gina Raimondo, U.S. Commerce Secretary, also questioned three new Nvidia AI accelerators for China in December.

While China struggles, Nvidia is expanding into Vietnam. Due to China’s problems, this move signals a shift to other Asian markets. Chinese perseverance in acquiring limited technology and Nvidia’s adaptation to geopolitical issues are highlighted by the scenario.

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