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The Shooting Death Of A Young Kid In Dallas Prompts Discussion About Safe Gun Storage

William Josiah Scrivner Indicted on Serious Drug and Firearm Charges by Federal Grand Jury
Federal Grand Jury Indicts William Josiah Scrivner on Grave Drug and Firearm Charges (PHOTO: New Jersey Gun Lawyers)

Regarding the 6-year-old girl’s shooting death in Old East Dallas, there are still unanswered concerns. Although police are not disclosing many specifics about what transpired before the shooting, the event has sparked new discussions about child safety and appropriate weapons storage.

What Happened?

Damariya Sowels, 19, has been taken into custody by the police on charges of concealing two firearms from them. According to the arrest complaint, Sowels entered the house with a Mac 10 and a Glock 40. It also says that Sowels used a PlayStation to set up the Mac 10.

Upon reflection, I believe it was an accident as there shouldn’t have been a gun in this house. There was no place for a gun on a six-year-old’s person.

“About 60 percent of the children took a seat, picked up a rifle, and aimed it at their siblings. Tragic events occur because the children were attempting to determine whether or not the gun was real and whether or not it was loaded, according to Guzman.

Tragically Passed Away

Dallas police officer Jesse Carr confirms that the agency does provide complimentary gun locks. “All they need to do is come by headquarters or their local substation and ask for a cable lock and we will give that to them,” Carr says.

Gun Storage

Source: CNBC’s

Guzman claims that parental education was the first step towards prevention.”It begins at home. Families need to have such discussions and acknowledge that everyone is vulnerable, regardless of identity. The risk would have increased right away if there hadn’t been a gun in the house when it was brought in, and the youngster tragically passed away.”

Who fired the shot is currently the main unanswered question. To get an answer to that question, investigators told CBS News Texas they are still awaiting the results of lab tests.

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