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The Strategic Posture Commission Warns US To Stay Vigilant For Possible Simultaneous Wars With China And Russia

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“The United States must be ready to defeat both adversaries,” said the Strategic Posture Commission regarding the possible war with Russia and China.

A deactivated Titan II nuclear ICMB at the Titan Missile Museum (Photo:

The Strategic Posture Commission Urged The US To Be Ready For Possible Wars With China And Russia

In the report of the Strategic Posture Commission on Thursday, they stated that the United States must be vigilant and ready for any possible wars with China and Russia. This is amid the increasing tension between China and Taiwan and the worsening strife between Russia and Ukraine.

The Straits Times – The Strategic Posture Commission says that the US should expand its conventional forces, strengthen the country’s alliances, and improve the nuclear weapons modernization program.

The Strategic Posture Commission added that although they recognize budget realities, it is a worthy investment that the nation should make.

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International Order And Values At Risk From The Chinese And Russian Authoritarian Regimes, Says The Strategic Posture Commission

According to the report of the Strategic Posture Commission, the US-led international order and values that it upholds are at dire risk from the Chinese and Russian authoritarian regimes and should therefore be countered.

In one of The Japan Times articles, included in the 145-page report of the Strategic Posture Commission is the statement that says the Chinese and Russian threats will grow more intense between 2027 and 2035; therefore, decisions must be made now in order for the nation to be prepared.

The report from the Strategic Posture Commission also mentioned the United States’ 30-year nuclear arms modernization program. The nuclear program, which began in 2010 and was expected in 2017 to cost $400 billion by 2046, must be completely funded in order to modernize all warheads, delivery systems, and infrastructure.

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