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The Surge Is Particularly Intriguing, According To AAA Spokesperson Andrew Gross

Stimulus Checks
Stimulus Checks; Source- The US Sun

“Fewer people are are fueling up” their cars this summer than in years past. “Usually it takes a hurricane to move prices that much,” Andrew Gross added.

The price of gasoline in the United States is heavily influenced by crude oil. The U.S. standard, West Texas Intermediate oil, has been trading above $80 per barrel since last Thursday and was above $81 on Tuesday afternoon. Tom Kloza, the chief of energy analysis for OPIS globally, claims that this represents an increase of $12 since July 3.

According to Gross, refineries are normally built to function between 32 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit (0 and 35 degrees Celsius), so although the heat may be keeping people at home, it also prevents them from producing refined product. They dislike temperature extremes since they are by nature hazardous environments… To ensure safety, they reduce manufacturing, but this then limits supply.

According to Gross, there are no OPEC-wide cutbacks. He speculates that as inflation declines, improved economic prospects may also be exerting pressure on oil prices globally.

What States Presently Have The Highest Gas Prices?

As usual, some regions of the United areas are seeing higher gas prices than others owing to a variety of reasons, including periodic maintenance at local refineries and a lack of supply in other areas.

The AAA reported that California had the highest gas prices in the US on Tuesday, with an average price of $5.01 a gallon. Oregon and Washington were the next two, with $4.96 and $4.92, respectively. Mississippi had the lowest average price per gallon at around $3.29, followed by Louisiana and Alabama at $3.39 and $3.40 respectively.

Are Fuel Prices Going To Continue To Grow?

Andrew Gross

Source: yahoo finance

According to experts, it’s difficult to predict what gas prices will be like in the upcoming weeks. While it is hoped that the heat would abate as we go into the fall, both Gross and Kloza mentioned the possibility of storms, which of course causes refineries to shut down.

How Can I Conserve Gas?

There are a few strategies to increase your mileage per gallon if you want to save money and reduce the number of times you stop at the gas station.

Maintaining a routine for having your tire pressure checked is one crucial behavior, according to Gross. Low tire pressure also “not maximizes your fuel efficiency,” costing you more money over time, he added, in addition to safety issues.

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