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The U.S. ambassador to China stresses how important it is to be involved in relations with China

US-China ties are marked by competition, but they also need to include cooperation, according to an American diplomat. (PHOTO: Newser)

In future U.S.-China relations, the U.S. ambassador stresses “strategic competition” and pushes for “engagement in shared interests.”

US-China ties are marked by competition, but they also need to include cooperation, according to an American diplomat. (PHOTO: Newser)

According to VOA News, Nicholas Burns, who is the US ambassador to China, said that involvement that is based on shared interests is important for U.S.-China ties, which are set up for strategic competition. In his speech at the Brookings Institution, he talked about how there is systematic competition in the military, politics, and economy. He specifically talked about how China wants to be the most powerful country in the Indo-Pacific area. Burns stressed that countries need to work together to solve problems like climate change, drug trafficking, global health, and food security, even if they have different ideas about how the world should be run. Burns stressed how important it was to compete fairly so that there would be no fights, since Washington is adjusting its relationship with Beijing after years of trouble. In a recent meeting meant to restore security to relations, Vice President Biden and President Xi Jinping came to a deal to fight illegal fentanyl and get military contacts back up and running. This resolved important issues of concern. There are still problems with economic competitiveness and global security, even though progress has been made. This shows how difficult the relationship between the US and China is.

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