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There Are Still Unanswered Questions Regarding The Fort Worth Police Chase And The Murder Of The Other Motorist

The specific identity of the individual who was fatally shot has not been disclosed at this time by the Mississippi deputies. (Photo: PBS)
The specific identity of the individual who was fatally shot has not been disclosed at this time by the Mississippi deputies. (Photo: PBS)

Fort Worth police have provided little facts about the event, including how, where, and when the pursuit started and what the department’s pursuit policy is, more than a week after a chase that claimed the life of an uninvolved driver.

What Happened To Andra Craig?

Andra Craig, 57, had just left a birthday celebration when he rammed his car into the middle of a police pursuit at Rosedale Street and Evans Avenue. Officers were chasing a stolen automobile at the time. When Craig crashed with a police SUV and was pronounced dead at the scene, witnesses said he had the green light.

The family is still waiting for an answer from the Fort Worth Police, according to Craig’s sister. Nefertari Mundy questioned, “Was what transpired truly necessary? “And if not, a life that was unrelated to the incident was lost, right? a life without sin. Was that absolutely required, I suppose, would be the key query.

Three weeks have passed since the death of another police pursuit that resulted in a tragic collision. A 15-year-old girl was killed inside a stolen truck in June when Fort Worth police were following it.

Dr. Alex del Carmen, a criminologist, claimed that cops frequently had to make split-second judgements on whether to follow a suspect. He said, “They have to weigh the seriousness of the crime of the perpetrator against the protection of the public. Del Carmen said that department policies are essential in setting boundaries because of this.

Fulfillment Of The Request

Fort Worth

Source: CNBC’s

The part regarding chases in the 452 pages of general instructions that Fort Worth police have posted online are tagged as “restricted.” Last week, when the I-Team asked for a copy of the policy, they advised filing an open records request.

The I-Team is now awaiting the fulfilment of the request. Since then, the agency has not provided any further information.

The 2016 Dodge Challenger that led police on a chase last week belongs to Ace Weigart. He said that it had been stolen three times in the previous 12 months.

He responded, “I’m actually sort of acclimated to it and relaxed. The first time, I was terribly alarmed, but I now know what to do—file a police complaint, etc. Weigart claimed that he believes police could have prevented Craig’s death-causing chase if they had taken more action the first two occasions.

Both Kristopher Robinzine, 29, and Brian Hunter, 18, are accused of various crimes. Hunter, the alleged driver, is accused of murder. The I-Team inquired about the regulations of around twenty police departments regarding pursuit. Check out the information at the bottom of this link.

The DFW Metroplex is experiencing an increase in auto thefts, and the I-Team has been investigating the problem and riding along with a task team that is working to close down chop shops.

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