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Thieves Swipe $44,000 of Legos for Kids Fighting Cancer


Heartless Theft Robs Kids Battling Cancer.

In a devastating turn of events reported by News4Jax, a thief absconded with over $44,000 worth of Legos that were destined as gifts for children fighting cancer. The Legos were part of a noble initiative by “V for Victory,” a charitable organization founded by Paul Scott, inspired by his own son’s battle with cancer. The organization’s mission is to bring positivity to children undergoing cancer treatment by providing them with Lego sets, transforming a typically negative experience into a more uplifting one.

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Personal Connection: Founder Paul Scott Expresses Disappointment but Vows to Replace Gifts

Paul Scott, the founder of V for Victory, shared his dismay over the stolen Legos but assured the children that the gifts would be replaced. Drawing from his personal experience with his son’s cancer diagnosis, Scott emphasized the profound impact these toys have on the mindset of young patients. Lego sets become more than just toys; they symbolize a positive shift in perspective amid the challenges of medical treatments, providing emotional support to both children and their families during difficult times.

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Unresolved Mystery: Investigation Underway as Community Hopes for Resolution

The details surrounding the theft, including any leads on the perpetrators, remain unclear. The community and supporters of V for Victory are left in suspense, awaiting updates on the ongoing investigation. Despite this setback, the hope persists for a resolution that will allow the organization to continue its vital work, bringing joy and support to children facing the daunting challenges of cancer treatment.

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