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Top 3 Most Dangerous Cities in Alaska!

Bethel, Alaska. (Photo: Google)

Promoting a strong sense of community and actively backing law enforcement endeavors in some of the most dangerous cities in Alaska can play a pivotal role in enhancing safety for all residents and visitors alike.

Anchorage, Alaska. (Photo: Google)

Given the alarming crime statistics in these Alaskan cities, ensuring safety should be the foremost concern for both residents and visitors in some of the most dangerous cities in Alaska.

According to an article published by Southwest Journal, Alaska, the largest U.S. state in terms of landmass, boasts a size equal to Texas, Montana, and California combined. Known as the “Last Frontier State,” it was the second-to-last state to join the Union, just before Hawaii, with Juneau serving as both its capital and second most populous city.

Alaska’s awe-inspiring natural beauty and vast wilderness captivate residents and visitors alike, with the most dangerous cities in Alaska being the most densely populated region, the south-central area, home to Anchorage, the most populous city, housing nearly half of the state’s population. Alaska comprises 355 municipalities, including 148 incorporated cities, among which are the most dangerous cities in Alaska.

  • Anchorage – with a population of 288,121 in 2021, is Alaska’s largest city and one of the most dangerous cities in Alaska. It has received accolades such as the All-American City Award and recognition as a tax-friendly urban hub. However, Anchorage faces high crime rates, with a violent crime rate 50% above the state average and property crime rates well above both state and national averages.

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Utilizing common-sense precautions like locking doors and securing belongings is also crucial.

According to an article published by Travel Safe-Abroad, additionally, fostering a sense of community and supporting local law enforcement efforts can contribute to making these beautiful most dangerous cities in Alaska safer places for everyone.

  • Juneau –  situated in the Alaskan panhandle, serves as the state capital and is home to 31,973 residents as of 2021. While its violent crime rate aligns with the state average, it is one of the most dangerous cities in Alaska when it comes to property crime rates, which are significantly higher than the rest of Alaska.
  • Bethel –  located along the Kuskokwim River, has a population of 6,642 (2021) but grapples with crime issues. It is one of the most dangerous cities in Alaska, having one of the highest violent crime rates in the state, nearly double the state average, and an overall crime rate surpassing the national average by over 5%, despite its relatively small size.

In light of the crime rates in these most dangerous cities in Alaska, it’s essential for residents and visitors to prioritize safety. Staying informed about local safety measures, such as neighborhood watch programs and community outreach initiatives, can help mitigate risks. 

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