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Transition To Green Energy: The Key To End US Reliance On China For Minerals, Environmentalists Dissaproves

green energy mining (Photo: nsenergybusiness)

The Biden Administration believes that the key to ending its reliance on China’s minerals is to transition to green energy; however, environmentalists counter that the transition to green energy will pollute the environment.

what lithium mining looks like (Photo: mrsnickil)

Domestic Mining In American Soil Needed For US’ Transition To Green Energy

As the tension between the US and China rises, the US’ desperation to end their reliance on China’s minerals escalates more. One of the solutions the US came up with was transition to green energy. By doing so, it will require domestic mining for the materials needed.

NPR – The US is pushing to secure domestic mining supplies for the materials they need for America’s transition to green energy. The planned production of the materials needed, such as lithium, nickel, and copper, will be mined in arid American places.

According to US environmentalists, the plan of the Biden Administration to transition to green energy will only cause irreparable damage to the environment.


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The Transition To Green Energy Will Damage The Environment, Say Environmentalists

According to The China Project , the senate committee on Energy and Natural Resources held a meeting to discuss the topic of countering China’s control of critical mineral supply chains. The discussion about the transition to green energy continued even though the US environmental activists informed the senate about the effects of domestic mining on the environment.

The transition to green energy requires the mining of lithium, copper, and nickel. Mining these materials will only pollute the protected lands on American soil.


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