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Trial In DC Superior Court Over Shooting Case Of Saphire Johnson

Shooting Incident (Photo: hindustantimes)

The prosecution in the shooting case of Saphire Johnson delivered closing arguments in front of Judge Jason Park in DC Superior Court on November 27.

DC Superior Court (Photo: newsroom)

Saphire Johnson Shooting Trial In DC Superior Court

SOURCE– On November 27, the prosecution in the shooting case of Saphire Johnson presented closing statements in front of Judge Jason Park of the DC Superior Court.

The trial in DC Superior Court is because of the non-fatal shooting incident that happened on September 28 at 4000 block of Alabama Ave. 24-year-old Saphire Johnson was charged with aggravated assault while armed. The shooting incident occurred outside the church funeral of Johnson after a dispute between family members.

According to the defense during the trial in DC Superior Court, Saphire Johnson only started shooting as a form of self-defense after three men attacked her, and she perceived that one of them was reaching for his gun. On the other hand, the prosecution argued that Saphire Johnson instigated the shooting incident and that the three men who attacked her had no guns in them.

In the closing arguments of the trial in DC Superior Court, the prosecutors explained that Saphire Johnson’s actions were not reasonable in comparison to the perceived threat. During the trial in DC Superior Court, the prosecutors also insisted that the man who attacked Johnson, whom she thought was reaching for a gun, did not have a gun with him.

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Shooting Trial In DC Superior Court: Prosecutor Asked That Saphire Johnson Found Guilty On All Charges

In the DC Superior Court trial, the prosecution said that even if Saphire Johnson felt threatened, her reaction was unreasonable. The prosecution argued that she shouldn’t use deadly force on a possible threat. Surveillance footage was also played during the DC Superior Court trial, wherein it showed the moment Johnson started shooting, declaring that she’d been angry and that she’s using “fighting words.”

According to DC Witness, the prosecution asked that Saphire Johnson be found guilty on all charges against her.

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