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Two Caught After Breaking into Homes in American Canyon, Arrested in Fairfield

Police Respond to Morning Alarm.

Two Arrested in American Canyon for Breaking into Wingstop. (PHOTO: Yahoo News)

Police Catch Suspects and Get Stolen Stuff Back

According to The Reporter crime news, after a restaurant got robbed, the cops in Fairfield moved fast and found the people who did it, along with a stolen U-Haul. They caught the suspects, 44-year-old Christopher Kelley and 38-year-old John Scharff, at a fast-food place on Pacific Avenue in Fairfield, around 9 a.m.

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Cops Find Stolen Safe and Paychecks

The police checked the U-Haul and found the stolen safe from the restaurant and proof that Kelley and Scharff were involved in another robbery in Davis. They even had stolen paychecks from that Davis robbery. The suspects had all this stuff in the U-Haul, and they also had cash from the stolen safe in their pockets.

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Kelley and Scharff in Big Trouble

Now, Kelley and Scharff are in serious trouble. The police arrested them for several big crimes, like robbing businesses, having stolen things, using tools for robberies, and planning crimes together. They were taken back to Napa County and put in jail. This arrest is a big win for the police, solving not just one burglary but connecting the suspects to more crimes.

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