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U.S. businessman Arrested in Russia For Alleged ‘Espionage’

Is Russia-North Korea Nuclear Cooperation Happening Soon? Here’s Why… Photo From: iStock

U.S. businessman Arrested in Russia for ‘bribery’ was now faces another charge for suspected ‘espionage’. He is still in Russian custody.


U.S. businessman Arrested in Russia For Alleged ‘Espionage’
Photo From: Getty Images

U.S. businessman Arrested in Russia For Alleged ‘Espionage’

In a report from CBS, a U.S. businessman arrested in Russia was already incarcerated in Russia for receiving bribes has been detained on suspicion of “espionage,” according to Russian official media agencies on Thursday.

The US business man was identified as Gene Spector who was actually born in Russia and moved to US where he became business man. He later became a US citizen.

Russian authorities did not provide further details about the charge. In fact, the hearing was reported to be conducted in a private hearing due to classified evidences.

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rested in Russia For Alleged ‘Espionage’ Now Under Russian Custody

When Spector was the board chairman of the Medpolimerprom group of Russian enterprises in 2021, he admitted to arranging a bribe for an assistant of the deputy prime minister of that country.

According to news accounts from that time, the bribe comprised funding the assistant’s trips to Thailand and the Dominican Republic. He received a four-year jail term.

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