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Ukrainian Troops’ Nuclear-Proof Bunker Faces Surprising Threat

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Due to ammunition shortages, Ukrainian troops defending the Zenit bunker complex in Avdiivka are at risk. Ukrainian defenses have relied on the Soviet Air Force’s nuclear-resistant Zenit complex for a decade. Recently, Russian troops tried to cut off Zenit, underlining its strategic importance.

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Ukrainian Vulnerability as Pro-Russia Republicans Halt $61B Armament Authorization Amidst Russian Onslaught

Pro-Russia Republicans in the House of Representatives won’t authorize $61 billion for Ukrainian armaments, leaving Ukraine vulnerable. Due to delayed funding, Ukrainian artillery lacks resources while Russia, Iran, and North Korea continue their onslaught.

Ukrainian army seized the Zenit complex in 2014 during Russia’s incursion, which is vital to protecting Avdiivka and maintaining supply routes. The recent Russian attack threatened Zenit’s supply line, stressing the need for munitions. The fragile southern flank of Avdiivka puts Zenit at risk of collapse.

Industrial structures shelter northern Avdiivka, but the south is vulnerable to artillery fire due to one- to two-story residences. This disparity suggests a Russian bombardment, infantry, and debris capture tactic.

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Russia’s Artillery Dominance Threatens Zenit, Putting Ukrainian Defenses at Risk

Russia’s 10-to-one artillery ammo advantage allows firepower-first tactics, exploiting European deliveries and U.S. aid issues. Ukrainian research group Frontelligence Insight said Russia’s advantage comes from the U.S. Republican Party’s unwillingness to approve President Biden’s October aid.

This policy choice risks Zenit as Ukrainian forces battle with reduced munitions. Zenit’s fall might weaken Avdiivka’s southern flank, forcing Ukrainian commanders to retire and giving the Kremlin a propaganda triumph.

If House Republicans had granted supplies sooner, Ukrainian soldiers would not have ammunition shortages, and Zenit might not have been in danger. The situation shows how political decisions affect the northeastern Ukraine war.

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