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Unveiling Wisconsin’s Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities in 2023: Navigating Crime Hotspots

Milwaukee (Photo: wimmercommunities)

Once known for Cheeseheads and Packers’ defeats, Wisconsin now grapples with a darker reality as it harbors some of the state’s most dangerous cities. RoadSnacks compiled a list revealing the perilous territories based on FBI crime data, scrutinizing violent and property crime statistics for over 137 cities with populations exceeding 5,000.

Milwaukee (Photo: wimmercommunities)

10 Riskiest Places

  1. Beloit: With a population of 36,921, Beloit has a concerning crime profile, detailing 484 rough violations per 100,000 inhabitants and 2,895 property wrongdoings per 100,000. Eminently, it stands out for the second-highest kill rate within the state and faces a predominant issue of critical pickpocketing.
  2. Brown Deer: The town of Brown Deer, lodging 11,808 inhabitants, is stamped by a alarming wrongdoing scene, recording 398 rough violations per 100,000 and 3,760 property wrongdoings per 100,000. Critical is its refinement of having the fifth-highest property wrongdoing rate and visit occurrences of car robberies.
  3. Milwaukee: Wisconsin’s biggest city, Milwaukee, domestic to 589,105 inhabitants, faces noteworthy wrongdoing challenges, with 1,596 savage violations per 100,000 and 2,728 property wrongdoings per 100,000. It holds the terrible title of having the highest kill rate within the state and the second-highest burglary rate.
  4. Rice Lake: A little city with a populace of 8,526, Rice Lake hooks with a outstanding wrongdoing issue, detailing 480 savage violations per 100,000 and 2,463 property wrongdoings per 100,000. It is recognized by the third-highest rate of assault cases, contributing to its in general wrongdoing challenges.
  5. La Crosse: Roosted along the Mississippi Stream, La Crosse, with a populace of 51,211, fights with a eminent wrongdoing situation, announcing 255 rough violations per 100,000 and 4,366 property wrongdoings per 100,000. Striking are the tall occasions of robbery and car burglary, including to the city’s generally wrongdoing concerns.
  6. West Allis: With a populace of 59,778, West Allis faces increased wrongdoing rates, detailing 319 rough wrongdoings per 100,000 and 2,868 property wrongdoings per 100,000. The city is characterized by tall rates of both rough and property violations, displaying noteworthy challenges for inhabitants.
  7. Madison: As the capital and second-largest city, Madison, with a populace of 262,736, fights with eminent wrongdoing rates, announcing 320 rough violations per 100,000 and 2,778 property wrongdoings per 100,000. It stands out for the third-highest burglary rate and an by and large lifted level of rough wrongdoing.
  8. Eau Claire: With a populace of 69,086, Eau Claire is considered the eighth most perilous put due to a striking wrongdoing profile, detailing 276 rough wrongdoings per 100,000 and 2,789 property violations per 100,000. The city faces increased wrongdoing challenges, especially within the burglary category.
  9. Amazing Chute: Found fair north of Appleton, Amazing Chute, with a populace of 23,579, positions as the ninth most perilous put, announcing 224 savage wrongdoings per 100,000 and 3,469 property crimes per 100,000. It is characterized by the seventh-highest property wrongdoing rate within the state.
  10. Hudson: Serving as an amplified suburb of Minneapolis, Hudson, with a populace of 14,255, faces a outstanding increment in wrongdoing due to a populace boom, announcing 266 rough wrongdoings per 100,000 and 2,307 property violations per 100,000. The town is seeing related challenges with the development in populace.

Jeffrey Dahmer’s Crimes

One of Wisconsin’s most notorious crimes involves Jeffrey Dahmer, the “Milwaukee Cannibal,” who committed gruesome murders and dismemberments between 1978 and 1991. Dahmer, a serial killer and sex offender, shocked the nation with his meticulous and depraved acts, eventually leading to his arrest in 1991. His crimes, involving 17 men and boys, left an indelible mark on Wisconsin’s history.

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Safety Tips for Traveling to Wisconsin

  1. Keep Friends and Family Updated:
    • Provide itinerary and check-in daily.
  2. Pack for the Weather:
    • Consider Wisconsin’s diverse climate for outdoor activities.
  3. Avoid Sensitive Transactions on Public Wi-Fi:
    • Be cautious of potential cyber threats on public networks.
  4. Avoid Drawing Attention:
    • Keep valuables inconspicuous to deter theft.
  5. Stay Aware of Surroundings:
    • Be vigilant, especially in areas with fluctuating safety levels.

Wisconsin’s allure extends beyond crime, but visitors should remain vigilant and informed to ensure a safe experience.

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