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US Ambassador To China Nicholas Burns Warns China Not To Meddle In Taiwan Elections

Taiwan and US flags (Photo: theglobeandmail)

The United States warned China on Friday not to interfere in Taiwan’s upcoming elections. US Ambassador to China, Nicholas Burns, urges “responsible behavior on all sides.”

US Ambassador to China, Nicholas Burns (Photo: news.cgtn)

“We Hope That The Elections Be Free Of Intimidation And Interference From All Sides,” Says US Ambassador To China Nicholas Burns

SOURCE– On Friday, the United States warned Beijing about the upcoming Taiwan elections. The US ambassador to China, Nicholas Burns, urged China not to interfere in the January poll in Taiwan. Taiwan’s presidential and legislative elections on January 13 are being closely watched, including by policymakers in Washington and Beijing.

Nicholas Burns, the US Ambassador to China, said at the Brookings Institution that they are expecting and hoping for the Taiwan elections to be free of coercion, intimidation, and interference from all sides. The US Ambassador to China added that the United States will not be involved in the Taiwan elections.

More broadly, US Ambassador to China Nicholas Burns said that China wants to become the strongest power in the Indo-Pacific region, referring to Beijing’s recent activities in the South China Sea.

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Taiwan Is A Major Tension Point between The US And China

Between the United States and China, Taiwan is their major tension point. With China claiming self-ruled Taiwan as its own and repeatedly vowing to seize it even by force, if that’s what needs to be done.

According to The Straits Times, the US ambassador to China said that both China and the United States are in a “competitive relationship” when it comes to the military and economy. But the US ambassador to China also noted that both have the ability to agree, referring to the November meeting between President Biden and President Xi, where they agreed to restore military to military communications. The US Ambassador to China, Nicholas Burns, additionally called for strengthening people to people relations between the United States and China.

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