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US And China To Work Together To Address Climate Crisis

President Xi Jinping and President Joe Biden (Photo: eenews)

US and China released a statement confirming that US and China, along with other countries, will work together to address the climate crisis.

(Photo: danube-region)

US And China Agreed To Work Together On Climate Change

SOURCE– Both the US and China have released statements reaffirming their commitment to work together and with other countries to address the escalating climate crisis.

Together with the United Arab Emirates, both US and China invite other countries to a methane non-co2 greenhouse gas summit at the UNFCCC COP 28.

The US and China agreed to work in dialogue and cooperation through the Work Group on Enhancing Climate Action. Accordingly, an information exchange will be conducted by the Working Group, information such as policies, measures, and technologies to reduce and control emissions, identify and implement cooperative projects, and share experiences.

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US And China Know Their “Important Role” In Addressing Climate Crisis

Both US and China recognize the important role that they play in addressing the goals of the Paris Agreement on climate change. The US and China pledged that they would work together and with other countries too.

The Sunnylands Statement of the US and China in regard to addressing the escalating climate crisis was released on November 14, 2023. The release of the statement was followed by the meeting of the two world leaders President Xi and President Biden in Bali, Indonesia, and meetings conducted by Kerry and Zhenhua at Sunnylands.

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