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US Indo-Pacific Commander Aquilino ‘Concerned’ About Joint Military Actions By China And Russia

US Indo-Pacific Commander Admiral John C. Aquilino (Photo: vovworld)

The US Indo-Pacific Commander, Admiral John C. Aquilino, had voiced his concern over the increased joint military actions by China and Russia. The increasing military activity of China with Russia is a serious concern during the Russia-Ukraine war, said Adm. Aquilino.

President Xi and President Putin (Photo; cnbc)

US Indo-Pacific Commander Said He Is “Very Concerned” About China-Russia Military Ties

SOURCE– Adm. John C. Aquilino, the US Indo-Pacific Commander, expressed his deep concern over the increasing military ties between China and Russia. The US Indo-Pacific commander spoke in Tokyo as another regional concern, North Korea, conducted its latest missile test, emphasizing the advancement of its capabilities.

US Indo-Pacific Commander John Aquilino urged Beijing to stop escalating maritime tensions with its neighbors. There are numerous disputes between China and the Philippines over the South China Sea territory.

The US Indo-Pacific commander also said that China’s increasing military activity with Russia is a serious concern during Russia’s war in Ukraine.

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Russia-DPRK (North Korea) And China Cooperation Is A Bad Group To Be In, Said US Indo-Pacific Commander Adm. Aquilino

In an article by the Military Times, US Indo-Pacific Commander Admiral John Aquilino said that he views the China-Russia military ties as far beyond convenience at this point. US Indo-Pacific commander said that if you tied North Korea (DPRK) into the picture, the Russia-DPRK cooperation, plus China, considering it was the only prior partner of DPRK, it is just a bad neighborhood and a bad group to be in.

US Indo-Pacific Commander Aquilino had been requesting talks with his Chinese counterpart, unfortunately, it has been pending for three years already. Adm. Aquilino is waiting for Beijing to respond to his renewed request.

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