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US Naval Vessel Intercepts and Destroys Drone and Missile Launched by Yemen’s Houthi Rebels

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Recently, an American warship halted Yemen’s Iran-backed Houthi militants. USS Mason intercepted and downed a Houthi drone and anti-ship ballistic missile in the Southern Red Sea, according to the US military.

Photo from Google

US Warship Stops Houthi Drone and Missile in Red Sea

Support for Palestinians in Gaza has led Houthi rebels to frequently assault ships in the Red Sea shipping corridor. Hamas and Israel are fighting in Gaza.

After responding quickly, the USS Mason spared the 18 ships in the region and no injuries were reported. The 22nd Houthi rebel attack on foreign vessels since mid-October threatens a transit route responsible for up to 12% of global trade.

To address the deteriorating issue, the US organized a multinational naval task force to protect Red Sea cargo this month. The US Treasury Department sanctioned a Houthi-funding network in addition to military action. The sanctions targeted Yemen’s capital’s Currency Exchangers Association head and three Yemeni and Turkish exchanges that helped Iran fund the Houthi rebels.

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Middle East Tensions Escalate: Houthi Rebels Target Israel, US Responds with Military Action

The Houthi rebels said they are targeting Israel and Israeli boats to stop the Gaza offensive. The newest phase of the Israel-Hamas conflict began with a cross-border Hamas attack on October 7 that killed many. The US responded by arming Israel, which has since waged a relentless campaign in Gaza, escalating casualties and tensions.

Iran-backed drone and rocket strikes on US forces in Iraq and Syria are common. US military strikes on Iran-backed fighters’ positions in northern Iraq followed a drone attack that wounded three Americans.

The complicated geopolitical dynamics in the Middle East are highlighted by armed organizations opposing Israel and fighting across borders. The US responds to Houthi rebels and Iran-backed forces with military and economic sanctions.

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