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US Prepares for Houthi Response, Pentagon Official Asserts ‘Not to be Taken Lightly

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The US and UK attacked many Yemen targets used by Iran-backed Houthi rebels to assault commercial shipping and U.S. military vessels. Lt. Gen. Douglas Sims, Joint Staff operations directorate head, expects Houthi retaliation. The strike’s impact is unknown, but Sims noted the Houthis’ history of continuing attacks despite knowing the U.S. is committed to freedom in international waters.

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US Strikes Yemen Targets, Houthi Retaliation Continues: Pentagon Official

Sims reported 28 U.S. strikes on radars, missile launch sites, storage facilities, ammunition dumps, and other targets. The second round struck 12 more targets after hitting over 60. After the strikes, the Houthis fired a ballistic missile against a commercial vessel, continuing to hamper trade along the vital canal.

Sims accepted the Houthis’ allegation that they only strike Israeli ships. However, a senior Biden administration official said the targets were indiscriminate. Houthis receive finance, training, and weaponry from Iran, and Sims stressed that they follow its orders.

Sims advised Iran to see that regional conflict is counterproductive. He stressed the U.S.’s refusal to be “messed with” and hoped that any retribution was based on a realization that it won’t allow it.

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US and UK Strike Yemen, Houthi Retaliation Raises Concerns

Sims was optimistic that the Houthis could not handle complicated operations, but he noted that multiple U.S. warships downed 24 drones, cruise missiles, and ballistic missiles in one raid. The situation is unknown, therefore Sims advised vigilance.

The U.S. and UK attacked Yemen expecting Houthi reprisal. The strikes targeted shipping attack sites. Ballistic missiles were fired against commercial vessels by the Houthis. The U.S. prioritizes defending international waterways and warns against additional conflict.

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