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Verify If You Are Going To Recieve Your October 2023 SSDI Check This Week

Depending on your birthday, your Social Security Disability Insurance payment for October may arrive this week. Depending on when you first began receiving SSDI and the day of your birthday, the Social Security Administration decides when you will receive payments. We’ll assist you in determining when this month’s SSDI payment might arrive. As long as you haven’t been receiving SSDI checks for several decades, keep in mind that the SSDI schedule is comparable to Social Security payments. Below, we’ll explain. Did you know that a further COLA hike is scheduled for 2024?

The third working day of each month should see the arrival of your SSDI payment if you have been receiving benefits from May 1997 or earlier. But there are exceptions. If the month’s third day falls on a holiday or a weekend, you will be paid on the following working day. When June 3 happened on a Saturday, for instance, beneficiaries got their payouts on June 2, a Friday.

SSDI Payments For This October

SSDI payments are made according to the same timetable as Social Security payments for people who haven’t received benefits since 1997 or earlier. This is how it goes: Your payout will be given out on the month’s second Wednesday if your birthday is between the first and tenth of the month. Your benefits will be distributed on the 3rd Wednesday of the particular month if your birthday is between the 11th and 20th of the month. The payment you made will be handed out on the 4th Wednesday of the given month if your birthday is on a day between the 21st & the 31st.

Using your birthdate as a guide, the following is when your benefit should arrive: Payment for SSDI recipients who began receiving benefits before May 1997 on October 3. When your birthday falls within the first & tenth of any particularly given month, you’ll receive your SSDI payment on October 11. Those whose birthdays fall between the 11th and 20th of any given month will receive SSDI payments on October 18. Those whose birthdays fall between the 21st and the 31st of any specified month will receive SSDI payments on October 25.

Waiting Time At A Record-High Level

Here are some other reasons why waiting periods for disability applications are at a record-high level. Additionally, the SSA contact information is provided below in case you have any questions or problems about your payments from Social Security. About 170,000 Americans received notifications from the SSA (Social Security Administration) in December regarding the progress of their applications for disability payments. By a recent survey, the average decision-making process took seven months, which was the longest period in the previous 14 years.

The Social Security Administration’s deputy communications commissioner, Jeff Nesbit, stated that due to years of insufficient financing, the organization “cannot maintain with the requirement for service & our annual fixed cost increases.” In a September 2022 document, Nesbit stated that Disability Determination Services, which evaluates disability claims, has been particularly severely hit “due to historically elevated attrition as workloads grow less reasonable with fewer staff.”

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