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Wages Go Up, Local Workers Feel the Change

Wage settlement (Photo: drugwatch)

It will be sixteen dollars an hour by next week, which is fifty cents more than now.

The local workforce is already being affected by the increase in the minimum wage. (PHOTO: ABC30 Fresno)

According to ABC30 finance news, starting April 1, 2024, a new law says big fast-food places with 60 or more spots must pay at least $20 an hour. Some smart people who study money, called economists, think this could cause problems for customers, like longer lines and not-so-clean places. A professor, David Neumark, mentions a study from Seattle that shows that when they raised the minimum pay, there were more issues with hygiene. This means the new pay rule might affect how clean restaurants are and how long people have to wait.

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But it’s not just about waiting longer or having messier places. Another professor, David Smith, thinks as many as 50,000 jobs in California could be in danger because of this higher pay. A Pizza Hut in the South Valley has already told its delivery drivers they might lose their jobs soon because of the new pay rule. One of the drivers, Marvin William Lopez Rangel, has worked there for five years and is worried. He’s lucky to have another job, but he’s thinking about his co-workers who might struggle to take care of their families. Even though Action News talked to Pizza Hut and they know about the job cuts, they say it’s still happening in the middle of February. This shows how these new pay rules are affecting real people and businesses in our area.

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