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War in Ukraine: Russia Bombs Cities, and Some Want to Break Windows

Rescuers work at a site of a residential building heavily damaged by a Russian missile attack, as Russia's attack on Ukraine continues, in Mykolaiv, Ukraine July 20, 2023. REUTERS/Viktoria Lakezina

Is helping Ukraine good for jobs, or does it make you miss something at home?

Putin calls the Kerch Bridge attack “a terrorist act.”. (PHOTO: AP News)

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Does helping Ukraine help us?

There is disagreement about giving Ukraine more money. Marc Thiessen thinks we should help Ukraine and make our country better. They believe that making weapons for Ukraine creates jobs in towns in 31 states. This is good for our business, our military, and Ukraine. There’s another side to the story. The idea of a “broken window” is talked about by experts. It might be good for jobs right now to help Ukraine, but that could mean we don’t use our resources elsewhere.

How much does it cost to help Ukraine?

There is more to the argument about helping Ukraine than just money and jobs. Some people are afraid that if we help Ukraine, we might not be able to spend in our own country. This is what experts call an “opportunity cost.” There are obvious benefits to helping Ukraine, but some people say we should think about what we might be giving up or not investing in here at home. The talk makes us think about both the good things about helping Ukraine and the good things we might miss in our own country.

How to Understand the Two Sides of Ukraine Aid

It’s hard to talk about helping Ukraine. Has good and bad points. Some say that it makes our defense and economy stronger by creating jobs. Some people worry that it means we’re not spending money on things we need around the house. The argument makes us think about how helping other countries can be good and bad for our own business. We try to help people far away while also taking care of our own yard.

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