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Warren Buffett Increased His Neighbor’s $67,000 Life Savings To $400 Million

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Parent PLUS Loan; Source- Forbes

A middle-aged couple in Omaha, Nebraska, faced the familiar yet difficult challenge of how to successfully plan for retirement in 1965. Dorothy and Myer Kripke were considerably ahead of their counterparts in terms of retirement preparation because they had diligently saved and received a modest inheritance. Their savings totaled about $67,000 by that year, which, after accounting for inflation, would be equivalent to almost $650,000 today.

Their main priority was protecting and increasing their nest egg so that it would be there when they retired in the next decade or two. After months of worry and consideration, Dorothy gave her husband a straightforward answer: “Myer, invest the money with your friend, Warren.”

Established Solid Reputation

It was none other than Warren Buffett, a 35-year-old acquaintance. He was a neighbor who had already established a solid reputation in the community for being an expert money manager.

Little did Dorothy and Myer Kripke realize that they had stumbled across a guy who would go on to become known as one of history’s greatest financiers. Buffett, often known as the Oracle of Omaha, would later run an investment company with approximately $500 billion in assets.

The share price of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. varied between $20,000 and $40,000 during that time. The Kripkes’ net worth in the middle of the 1990s was $25 million, assuming they owned about 833 shares at an estimated price of $30,000 apiece. The value of these shares would have increased if they had kept them until Dorothy’s passing in September 2000. With Berkshire stock trading at $215,000 per share by the time Myer passed away in May 2014, their 833 shares would have been worth $180 million.

Warren Buffett

Source: CNN

For an investment of just $67,000, someone who owns 833 shares of Berkshire Hathaway today would be worth close to $400 million, or $394,222,356.

Long-Term Investing’s Value

These examples demonstrate the compounding power of long-term investing. Over a lengthy period of time, finding the appropriate stocks with significant long-term growth potential and then adhering to one’s investment premise can provide amazing outcomes. If they so want, investors can purchase early-stage shares of firms like StartEngine through platforms for startup investing like StartEngine.

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