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Watch Your Back: 10 Cities in Arizona to Avoid in 2024 Due to High Crime Rates

FBI ranks 10th Most Dangerous Cities in Arizona Despite Beautiful Landscapes

10th Most Dangerous Cities in Arizona. (PHOTO: Travel Safe – Abroad)

The FBI has ranked Arizona the tenth most dangerous state due to its high violent crime rate despite its stunning surroundings and outdoor activities according to Southwest Journal. Residents and visitors have a 1 in 204 chance of violent crime and 1 in 41 of property crime with a 7.4 million population. Visitor vigilance is advised in Arizona where severe assaults and auto thefts are the most prevalent crimes.

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10th Most Dangerous Cities in Arizona


Kingman inhabitants on Route 66 at Nevada-Arizona border face high violence is one of most dangerous cities in Arizona. Crime has climbed 67% over the national average and victimizing 1 in 22 inhabitants.

Show Low

Old frontier gambling town Show Low’s eastward crime is high. George Takei’s hometown. Arizona’s third most dangerous city with 2,715 property and 650 violent crimes per 100,000.


With the University of Arizona and a vibrant culture Tucson has 69% higher crime rates than the national average. Christopher Clements’ kidnapping and murder of two girls shows the city’s darker side despite falling rates.


Gang-related crime in Tempe is 73% more than the national average threatening its coffee culture and nightlife. Tempe’s high violent and property crime rates require monitoring despite its tiny population.


Phoenix most dangerous cities in Arizona and has 61% higher crime than the national average despite its rich culture. Mark Goudeau and other notorious offenders have shown the city’s gang brutality.


Holbrook on Route 66 in the Petrified National Forest has the second-highest state burglary rate. An overall crime rate 204% greater than the national average puts inhabitants at risk needing extra protection.


With 107% higher crime than the national average Route 66’s Winslow is Arizona’s fourth most dangerous city. Residents are attacked despite tourism and heritage.


Page has 106% more crime than the national average notably in residential neighborhoods. Page has Arizona’s highest rape rate requiring immediate community safety action.


Globe, a historic Native American settlement, has 254% higher crime rates than the national average due to economic worries. Despite its cultural value, this ancient mining town is more exposed to crime.


Tolleson, is a commercial hub with 470% above-average crime. Community safety and assistance are needed since Tolleson has a crime every eight hours. Mental health services are needed after Tolleson’s 2016 murder-suicide which shows how violence affects a close-knit community.

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