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Waxahachie Man Given A Life Sentence For Murdering His Baby Daughter

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Almost two years ago, a Waxahachie man beat his young daughter to death; as a result, Ellis County and District Attorney Ann Montgomery have sentenced him to life in prison.

What Happened?

On December 28, 2021, 38-year-old Jose Sierra approached the Ellis County Jail in his car and signaled to two maintenance personnel that his infant was not breathing.

After that, a worker dialed 911, and an ambulance was dispatched within a minute. Despite the paramedics’ best efforts to save the infant, 7-month-old Valeria Sierra was later declared dead at a nearby hospital.

Valeria had “several bruises on her body and multiple broken bones in various stages of healing,” according to Montgomery, and suspicions toward her father grew right away.

Valeria had two shattered clavicles, a fractured left femur, fractures to her left proximal tibia, and a refracture to a healing break of her left distal fibula, according to an autopsy. Her head, face, neck, jaw, shoulder, torso, right hand, and left leg all exhibited numerous bruises and hemorrhages.

Dr. Chester Gwin, a forensic pathologist, claims that Valeria “could no longer fight and heal” from her wounds.

Investigation Is On

Waxahachie Man

Source: ABC news

In his testimony to police, Sierra ascribed responsibility for Valeria’s wounds to her mother, her pediatrician, her nieces and nephews, and even to herself. Montgomery claimed that although he offered explanations for her injuries, they did not line up with the available data.

Valeria’s injuries started soon after her mother went back to work, leaving her with her father while he was at work, the police discovered throughout their inquiry.

The harm this infant experienced during her brief existence was terrible, according to Montgomery. “The culprit was actually the one who was supposed to be protecting Valeria.

An Ellis County jury demonstrated once more that there will be serious repercussions if you commit a crime and intentionally or knowingly harm a kid. I’m happy of how my office and the Waxahachie Police Department worked to bring Valeria’s case to justice.

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