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Wealthiest Residents In Arklatex, How Much Do They Earn?

Wealthiest Residents In Arklatex, How Much Do They Earn? Photo From: Vancouver is Awesome

Ever wonder how much the wealthiest residents in ArkLaTex earns? Recent reports from KTAL News and CNBC shows the incomes needed to be considered as ‘one percenter’ in Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas. Find out how much they can earn by reading the information below.


Wealthiest Residents In Arklatex, How Much Do They Earn?
Photo From: Inc. Magazine

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Wealthiest Residents In Arklatex

Over 1/3 of America’s total wealth can be traced to the wealthiest 1% of Americans. The top 1% earners are scattered across all state with varying figures. States along the coast were reported to have higher earnings for their ‘one-percenters’ compare to other States like Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas.

Among all the States, the capital had the highest ‘one-percenters’ income earners. In Washington D.C., top earners have around $1,013,698 income, followed by Connecticut at $952,902. Incomes above $652,650 across all states will be considered as the wealthiest. These figures were reviewed and gathered by a SmartAsset, a personal finance website.

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List Of The Wealthiest Residents In Arklatex

Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and IRS was used by SmartAsset to find out just how much the wealthiest people from each states makes.

The incomes from wealthiest residents in Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas are listed below:

  1. Texas: $631,894
  2. Oklahoma: $460,172
  3. Louisiana: $458,269
  4. Arkansas: $450,700

A report from Forbes revealed the richest residents and their net worth are:

  1. Elon Musk – $230 B
  2. Jim Walton – $64.4 B
  3. Harold Hamm – ($18.5)
  4. Gayle Benson ($4.7 B)
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