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West Side Restaurants Witness Tragedy as Father Gunned Down During Daughter’s School Project

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In a heart-wrenching incident on the West Side Restaurants, a 29-year-old man, Terrance Pearson, met a tragic end in front of a restaurant where his daughter was working on a school project about Black-owned businesses. The evening took a horrifying turn when a white Nissan pulled up and gunmen fired at Pearson at least 25 times leaving him fatally wounded and his daughter’s school project scattered amid the chaos.

TNT Rooftop Restaurant on West Madison Avenue (Photo from

TNT Rooftop Restaurant on West Madison Avenue (Photo from

Terrifying Ambush

The brutal attack unfolded outside the TNT Rooftop Restaurant on West Madison Avenue shattering the peace of the evening for Pearson, his girlfriend and young relatives. As they left the restaurant, gunmen ambushed them firing a hail of bullets at Pearson, who succumbed to multiple gunshot wounds an hour later at Loyola University Medical Center.

Pearson, visiting the West Side Restaurants for his daughter’s school project faced an inexplicable act of violence. The assailants, after their deadly assault fled the scene in the Nissan leaving the West Side street stained with blood, bullet fragments and shattered dreams.

The poignant aftermath revealed the tragedy on the sidewalk – Pearson’s lifeless body, his daughter’s school project entwined with the remnants of the attack and the shocked witnesses grappling with the senseless violence that unfolded in their community.

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Community Grieves and Fears

As the West Side community grapples with the shocking incident, sentiments of grief and fear loom large. The block adorned with small businesses now bears witness to the tragic event that unfolded on its streets.

Amidst the grief the community mourns and prays for the family of Terrance Pearson. The manager of MacArthur’s West Side Restaurant, a popular eatery in the vicinity, expresses solidarity and emphasizes the safety measures in place including bulletproof window.

Reflecting on the escalating violence, a concerned business owner on the West Side Restaurants advocates for more trade schools to address the root causes. Fearful for the approaching summer and its potential impact on children, he closes his doors early, describing the area as “the wild, wild West.”

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