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What Are The Most Dangerous Neighborhoods In Miami? Check Top 3 List!

What Are The Most Dangerous Neighborhoods In Miami? Check Top 3 List! Photo From: iStock

Miami is one of the most well-liked vacation spots in America, particularly if you enjoy nightlife and beaches. This wild Florida city is home to a wide variety of tourist-friendly locations, but amidst that, this city is still home of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Miami. If you decide to go, be sure to avoid some of these neighborhoods.


What Are The Most Dangerous Neighborhoods In Miami? Check Top 3 List!
Photo From: iStock

What Are The Most Dangerous Neighborhoods In Miami?

  1. Overtown

One of the most known areas for gang activity, strong drug usage, and violence is Overtown. It’s difficult to overlook how unsettling this area of Miami is given that its violent crime rate is 124 percent higher than the national average as reported in Pip’s Island.

As one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Miami, this area is highly avoided. This is due to the frequent mass shootings that seems to plague the area. Most individuals hesitate before venturing in this neighborhood during the day since it is so risky.

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  1. Liberty City

This Miami enclave, once known as “Model City,” doesn’t live up to its moniker. Particularly in the “ghetto” area of the town, residents here have to contend with a lot of violent crime. It’s not good that the murder rate has been rising continuously here since 2011.

It is advisable not to stroll alone if you are a girl in this part of town because rape is an epidemic. If anything, it’s preferable to limit your daily transportation for walking and bicycling.

  1. Opa-Locka

As far as traditional “bad neighborhoods” go, this little area is an anomaly, believe it or not. Opa-Locka is obviously not excellent because both its violent and property crime rates are quite high.

But it also happens to be a community with some respectable schools. Therefore, this may potentially be a great place for your kids to receive an education provided you can endure the thefts and vandalism.

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